Maddux retires from baseball

on December 10, 2008 by Administrator

One of the most talented players ever to grace the sport of baseball has retired after twenty-three seasons in the game. Greg Maddux leaves the game in eighth position on Major League Baseball’s win list after successful spells with clubs including the Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, and the San Diego Padres.

One of the best pitchers to play in the sport, Maddux, who won the World Series with the Braves in the mid-1990s, can boast more wins than any other living player in his position.

The pitcher is forty-two years of age and, after focusing upon his game for so long, the decision to walk away was undoubtedly a tough one. He admitted as much but also revealed that it felt like time to turn in a new direction.

Maddux revealed that he appreciates

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