Yankees drop $161m on CC

on December 11, 2008 by Administrator

What does $161million get you in this current climate? Well if you are Brian Cashman then it gets you a 250lbs left handed starter with a pedigree.

After missing out on the play-offs for the first time since before the Joe Torre era, the Yankees who shed approximately $88million in contracts this off season were always going to be aggressive in free agency. No disrespect to Sidney Ponson or Darrell Rasnar but neither player should be a staple of the starting rotation and GM Brian Cashman has decided that he doesn’t want a repeat.

So CC is in and is getting paid a pretty penny. No other team had even offered him more than $100million but the Yankees weren’t willing to play around. They knew CC needed some extra money to come to NY as his preference was to stay on the West Coast, but did he really need an extra $61million?

The thing is this is only the start of the Yankees rejuvenating their rotation. Only Chien-Ming Wang and Joba Chamberlain look like locks who are carried over from last season. Mike Mussina has retired, Andy Pettitte is waiting to see what the Yankees are going to do, Darrell Rasnar has gone off to Japan and Sidney Ponson has gone.

So who is next for the Bronx Bombers? Various reports have them having offered contract to Derek Lowe, Ben Sheets and AJ Burnett and are getting close to the latter one of them. AJ Burnett opted out of his contract in Toronto after a quite stunning second half of the season and looks set to sign for the Yanks or the Braves sooner rather than later.

Derek Lowe seems to want to pitch on the East Coast but his preference is with Boston. Ben Sheets is the interesting one as it seems that he might be willing to take a one or two year deal to prove his health and then cash in when the economy has hopefully recovered.

The 2009 Yankees will be heavily stacked however it plays out and they’ll probably go into the season as the favourites in Vegas.

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