Baseball equipment and clothing


Cylindrical bat used to hit the ball. It will either be solid or hollow, and are usually made from wood or aluminium.


The balls in baseball are hard and made from leather.


Fielding players will wear a glove on their fielding hand, to make catching the ball easier and less painful

Catcher’s mitt

The catcher will wear a specially designed glove, which is wider and better protected than the normal fielding glove.

First baseman’s mitt

The first baseman’s mitt is more like a catcher’s mitt as it is longer and wider, with the fingers joined and containing more padding than the standard fielding mitt.

Batting glove

The batter will wear a glove either on both hands or just one. These gloves are designed to reduce the impact of the hit, but they will also allow the batter to grip the bat better.

Batting helmet

All batters have to wear a helmet.

Catcher’s helmet

All catchers have to wear a helmet, the main feature of which is the protective shield.

Sliding shorts

Shorts which have padding on the upper thigh area will sometimes be worn to protect the player if he or she attempts to slide onto a base.


All baseball shoes have spikes on them to allow better grip on the ground when the player is running.